Time flies when you’re workin’ hard.

by practiceradicallove


I know it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve updated. Life has a sneaky way of tricking me into thinking only a few months have floated on by, when in reality, those months have turned into years. So many things have happened in the last year: graduation from nursing school, marriage to my love, new jobs for both of us. I got to stand beside my best friend, with her family, as she married the love of her life.  I lost my aunt to cancer. My grandmother’s dementia has gotten worse…she’s been in the hospital, and is now living in an assisted living facility.  The good comes with the bad. Life is full of ups and downs, says the old cliché. All in all, life is rich, full of love and adventure.

I suppose I’m going to try and keep this little blog alive. I really missed writing, and it helps me tremendously to collect my thoughts. So here goes; round 2…or 3 or 4. Maybe I’ll use this as a way to keep up with my knitting and fiber-related projects. Speaking of knitting…the almost-cardigan in the picture way up there is called the Ramona cardigan. The pattern is by Elizabeth Smith, who blogs at The Brown Stitch. I want to knit every pattern she’s published!

Anyway, here’s hoping that I can keep this up. Back to knitting and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Xoxox.