Long time coming.

by practiceradicallove


Nursing School has been keeping my hobbies at a strangely uncomfortable distance. As you do, Nursing School, as you do. For a time, I was becoming a master at balance, knitting while studying, mixing pie dough and studying while it chilled in the fridge, but lately, no such thing.

I will say however, that this summer I dug up all of my tomato plants from the garden (they were choking out my peppers) and managed to save a good bit of the little green guys. My best friend’s Mom makes green tomato pickles every year, and I thought I’d try to carry on the tradition in my own way. It’s been hard to stare and stare at all my jars of jeweled green orbs and not sneak a taste, but they’re finally ready! I don’t know that they’re as delicious as Madre Loy’s, but they’re pretty darn close…and somehow I’m inspired to take my hobbies back down from the dusty old shelf.