by practiceradicallove

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The season is upon us, time for family, friends, reflection on the past year, and desires for the upcoming one. As I sit here, totally lazed and still exhausted from the past semester, I can’t help but let my mind drift to fears and annoyances. My mouth is quick to voice what angers or annoys me, and something has to change. Lately, I have felt myself to be in some sort of limbo…bridging some sort of gap between the path of least resistance, and the path of truth and hard work.  If I twist my perspective toward the sun, I remember that there is much to be appreciated. I am so eternally grateful for those who are unafraid to voice their deepest support for what they care most about. I am grateful for those who push me to muster up the courage to be myself, to speak my voice, and to be confident…to be strong and stand up for my convictions, but also to love exactly who I am.  I am insanely grateful for my animals, who teach me every day to be light, and happy for the small things. What I am most grateful for, is this universe, whose joys and sorrows alike keep us reaching for love.