Sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

by practiceradicallove

Yesterday, North Carolinians had a chance to make history.  It turns out that we didn’t.  We turned around, and crawled back, on our hands and knees, into a tomb of persecution, misunderstanding, and despair.  However heartbroken the opposition of Amendment One must be, we must not forget that this is only the beginning; nothing worth having comes without a fight.  At this point, all we can do is stand up to our oppressors and ready ourselves for battle.  After all, a war is not fought all at one time.  

Today, I’m spending some time in thought, deciding what to do next, how to get involved, thinking of the best possible thing I can do as an individual that will make an impact on my state’s thinking.  There is coffee, and knitting, and reading.  There is, in spite of everything, hope.  I’d venture to say that our defense mechanisms are all sounding the alarm, but I feel strongly that we must not let hatred crawl into our hearts…hatred only breeds ignorance, and is counterproductive.  Keep fighting, and the result will be glorious.