Long awaited.

by practiceradicallove



It seems as though life has gotten the better of me, as far as updating this blog goes.  School, work, love, life, etcetera…It has a way of getting in the way, but only in the best way.  I’m days away from finishing up another semester of school, and then, I wait all summer to find out if my alternate status for clinicals will change into an active status…It will be a stressful wait, but well worth it if I get in.  In the colder months of 2012, I was quite obsessed with blood oranges.  It is amazing to me how such colors exist in nature.  B and I have been focusing on eating a diet more focused on nature, as of late.  Nothing processed, nothing that our great grandmothers wouldn’t recognize, and more plant-focused.  It isn’t that we don’t eat meat, we just treat it more as a delicacy, or a side dish.  My energy level has changed dramatically, and I already feel lighter and happier.  I’m interested to see how this plays out over the long term.