A fabulous frittata.

by practiceradicallove

If you think of it nutritionally, a frittata is the perfect meal.  Protein from the eggs, a serving of vegetables, some cheese, with a serving of toast and fruit on the side, you’ve got mostly everything you need.  This morning, I woke up with such a hunger, and by rummaging around the kitchen, I found enough ingredients to satisfy me, probably for the rest of the day.  I used Latta eggs, the last of my yummy okra from Part & Parcel Farms, a bit of feta cheese, and a healthy sprinkling of paprika.  Add salt and pepper to taste, and you’ve got the perfect breakfast.  The okra was just a tiny bit crunchy still, which made the texture incredible.  It’s such a great vegetable, and versatile all around.  This okra has been in my refrigerator for about two weeks, and still hasn’t gone bad.  It’s even better because it was locally and sustainably grown!

On a completely different note, that bit of fabric in the top part of the photograph was given to me by my dear friend Andrew.  He just returned from a summer in Japan, learning how to farm, and experiencing Japanese culture.  I was so taken with the quality of this fabric that he brought home.  Such meticulously, beautifully designed fabric, and every little detail, down to the tag, is visually pleasing.  For me, it brings a sense of calm and some sort of weird harmony.  Totally into it.