I can feel it in the air…

by practiceradicallove

There is no doubt about it, fall is my favorite season.  Crisp air, gloves, scarves, red noses, snuggles, cider…the most tangible forms of perfection.  My roommate made homemade tomato soup and grilled cheeses a few nights ago.  Just makes me crave the cooler air even more.

She mixed so many different amazing cheeses into the sandwiches…I honestly was so spellbound by the texture of the bread, and the richness of the soup, that I couldn’t even begin to tell you which types she used.  (Kristen, if you’re reading this and want to divulge your secrets, please do!)  This combination of tastes, to me, is the epitome of cozy.

**A quick edit: The recipe for this soup was passed down to Kristen by her Aunt Dianne.  Family recipes are the best!