by practiceradicallove

Life has been busy.  That’s the only word I could ever use to describe it…that and contentment.  Mostly, I’ve been working, but I did get a reprieve from the everyday to spend some time with my best friend Kassidy and her family.  Kass lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with her sweet Irish doctor-boyfriend Tim, and they came to the States to visit for a couple of weeks.  We went out to Rodanthe, NC to soak in some beach rays, and then I was able to spend the night back in King, NC with her family before she headed back to the highlands.  Kass is one of those friends who, no matter how much time passes between our visits, we fall back together just like puzzle pieces, as if not a minute had passed at all.  She’s more my sister than my friend…or partner in crazyness, mischief, et cetera.  The point is: I love the girl.  She’s my homegirl.