by practiceradicallove

So, my dear friend Chris and I went to the NC Farmer’s Market the other day, because it was HOT (and I mean HOT) and I was craving fresh lemonade.  North Carolina summers, if you’ve ever been here before, are insane, and I don’t know about Chris (she looked dewy, I looked drenched) but I think I hit my own personal best for sweatiest day of the year.  There isn’t much else to do when it’s that hot outside, but go to the Farmer’s Market and get freshly squeezed lemonade and walk around.  I ended up getting an orangeade, but gah, it was so refreshing.  The namesake of this blog is of course, a peach, and I’ve had this idea in my head that this summer, I would learn to love peaches.  I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out!  I was talking with another friend lately about them, and I kind of have this thing with fruit, where if it’s messy, I don’t wanna deal.  Peaches are the epitome of messy.  You take a bite, and it’s instant peach juice drool, all down your hands, your shirt, dripping on your feet, it’s unreal!  You can’t eat them in the car, and you basically have to have a whole roll of paper towels on hand to clean up the mess.  BUT! At the Farmer’s Market, there are tons of peaches.  Beautiful peaches, all fuzzy, the perfect shade of orangey-yellow, ripe peaches…there was just something mesmerizing about them.  So, I decided to buy a bunch of them, and conquer my weird disdain for messy fruit.  I have been standing over the sink to eat them, still kind of annoyed that I have to do so, but today, things were different.  I came home from work, and decided to cut one up to put in my cereal….oh. my. god.  I think I’ve found it.  I’ve never had anything so tasty in my entire life.  Sliced up, atop granola, smothered in cold, yummy, local milk….I think I’ve found heaven.  Just the perfect amount of ripeness, sweet, slightly tangy…now I’m drooling, and it isn’t even peach-flavored.  There you have it.  Fear of peaches: gone.  Shazaam.  Just like that.  New obsession, so watch out!

(I also got blueberries, and they are SO GOOD….but I have to say, this week, the peaches steal the show. )