Saturdays are the bomb.

by practiceradicallove

Today was one of those perfect Saturdays, a REAL Saturday.  I woke up this morning at about 6:30am (working overnights, and early in the mornings has my natural clock craving the sunrise) and I baked some zucchini bread.  I’ve never baked zucchini bread before, but damn, it’s good.  I made mini loaves, and almost ate half a loaf by myself…whoops.  My apartment is going to smell like a bread factory before it’s all said and done.

This zucchini bread has walnuts in it, and I think next time, I am going to add in chocolate chips.  Sounds crazy, I know, but trust me, I think it’s the perfect combination.  Banana bread and pumpkin bread are also on my list of breads to make.  Y’all need to take all these carbs away from me.  Whew!  So anyway, I got a call from my (not so little anymore) little brother, around 11:00.  He was in town from DC, and I wish I could have hung out for longer, but I rushed around ’till I got ready, and we went and walked around REI.  A nice surprise, indeed.  I love it when he comes to town on the fly.  Now he wants to take my guitar back to DC with him so he can learn how to play it…we’ll see about that!  After hangin’ out with mi hermano, I met up with Nick, who was to be my guide along the Eno River Pump Station trail…and a wonderful guide he was.  We hiked for I guess about an hour and a half, and holy crap, I am out of shape.  My goal is to do a different trail every two weeks.  I guess that’s a reasonable goal.  We’ll see.  The Pump Station trail goes to the ruins of the old Durham water treatment site…which handled Durham’s water until I think 1927.  It was so small compared to the new site, and it’s crazy to think about population growth since that time in the world….anyway, Nick and I couldn’t have asked for a better day for a riverside hike.  It really was perfect outside, and so green.  I enjoyed myself immensely.


Here is Nick admiring this huge wall that we figured was probably some kind of old mill…there was an identical wall across the creek bed.  And also, below are part of the ruins.  There was nice light coming in through the trees…so perfect.

We also stumbled across this cool little guy…I think he’s a centipede?  Today was such a great use of wonderful weather, good company, and (ahem) some good baking!  I hope all my Saturdays are this fruitful for the rest of the summer.  Now, I leave you with a picture of Jack, being the weirdo that he is.  Hah!

Peace out, homies.